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About us

We welcome you to BlueWhite Apartments and to the magical island of Kefalonia

Greece has always been the land of hospitality. We welcome our guests with a drink and a map of the island, informing them about the sights, restaurants and taverns or any other kind of information they need.

Thank you for choosing BlueWhite Apartments for your accommodation and we will do everything we can to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

According to mythology,the island of Kefalonia was named after the mythical persona of Kefalos who was a mixture of two different mythical people. He was the son of Dion and Diomeda and Mercury,or the son of Pandion and Kreoussa, or Ersi. The goddess Jo loved king Kefalos, and in order to make him hers, she made him doubt the loyalty and devotion of his wife, Prokris. Jo encouraged him to appear before his wife wearing a disguise, and to seduce her with gifts. Prokris gave in to Kefalos and when she realized who he really was, she left, crying desperately. After Prokris wondered around Crete, she returned to Athens where the goddess Diana agreed to help her win back her husband.

Unfortunately,while hunting, Kefalos saw the movement of Prokris behind the trees and, mistaking her for prey, he aimed at her and killed her. Desperate from his misfortune, Kefalos left Athens. He met Amphetryon and helped him defeat the Televoes and the Tafious. In return, Amphetryon offered Kefalos this island,which he called "Kefalonia".

According to another legend,the island was named after Kefalines of Kefalanes, a nation in western Greece. Many students claim that Kefalines were the Ulysse's people thus his kingdom was the island of Kefalonia. Τhose who agree with this option, spell the island's name with two "l"s.

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